Nation of Dogs

by Dark Phantom

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As enough of times passed
As our efforts turned into musical words
As phantoms breed talent and vital
Therefore the first chapter attained arrival
There is the outcome of true struggle we held beyond
The first product of Dark Phantom from Iraq
It's the Nation of Dogs (Album)


released May 8, 2016

All songs lyrics by Mir Shamal
All songs music by Murad, Rebeen, Mir, Mahmood
Mixed and mastered by Mir Shamal
Album cover art by Ece Baş




Dark Phantom Kirkuk, Iraq

Dark Phantom’s idea began in Kirkuk, Iraq late in 2007. The impression was to reach their dreams in western music and to express the inferior circumstances in the city, and explain it to the universe. But things wasn't able to progress, due to the bad situation in Iraq, and that lead to postponement of forward progress and a period of hibernation, for their safety. ... more

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Track Name: Dark Ages
Track Name:  - New Gospel
Nemesis, Enemy
The Sun Will Rise When All Will See
The Death Bestowed On Me
Put A Sword In The Hands Of Every Child And Man
I Will Be Glad At The Sight Of The Day Thy Pillars Fall
All Will Be Glad At The Sight Of The Time Thy Temples Fall
Thy Temples Fall

Thy Shrine Disgraced
Thy Name Erased
Thy Wills Displaced
Thy Throne Decays
Thy Shiny Oath False-Based

Religion Is A Lie
Religion Is Fear
A World Without Deen
Is A World Without Tear

Religion Is A Lie
Religion Is Hate
A Life For Deen
Is A Life Gone Waste

Fortunes Are Made, Blood Is Spilled
In The Name Of God, Who Doesn't Exist
Slay The Infidel, Stone The Daughter
Pray Towards Kabba, Praise The Messenger
Track Name: Nation Of Dogs
Thou Art The Wretched Filth Infecting Amongst Us
Maggots Feeding Off The Liberation Of Our Minds
Pitiful Beggars, Prostitutes Of Attention
Thou Shalt Breed, Shalt Infest, Shalt Endure

In The Minds Eye Of Our Savior
From The Mirage Of The Days
Thou Shalt Behold All, Shalt Perish All, Shalt Deform All
The Majority Of Fools Rule Minority Of Tools Whom Follows
This Is The Way It Is, The Way It Was, The Way It Will Be

Nation Of Dogs
Thou Art Apostles Of Hatred None-Heathen Believers
Mesmerized By The Sounds Of Our Falling Human Shells
Like Birds Whirling In The Sandstorms Of Thy Art
The Claimed Gift Thouest Granted Unto Our World

May You Never Endure, May Thy Breed Disintegrate
May You Never Loop, May You Be Casted Into The Sea
Casted With Thy Mother Whore, You Harlot Nemesis
Shalt Thy Sun Never Emerge, Forever Begone
Track Name: Judgment Call
Judgement Call

Behold! As Thy Iron Pillars Fall
Thy Throne And Long Dead Beliefs
In A Warm Embrace With Fantasy
They Speak Of Broken Dreams

Jihad, For God, All Mighty, The Tyrant
Fasad, By Men, Believers, Dis-Believers
In Lack, Of Heart, And Mind, Of Men
The World, Grows Poor, And Cheaper, Day By Day

Hour By Hour
Degrade Low To None
Heart By Heart
Thy Will Will Exist No More

Behold! As Thy Judgment Call
On The Serpentine Throne You Reign
In A Warm Embrace With Destiny
You'll Turn Nothing But Memory
Track Name: Unholy Alliance
Unholy Alliance

Thy Monstrous Urge To Gather
Gives Me No Choice But To Bother
Have I Have Not Enough Matter?
From The Books Of The Father?

Thou Art Laundry To Wash
An Untamed Animal To Lash
My Path Is A Ship Against The Tides
Sailing The Streams Of My Eyes

Thou Policy Is Upon The Poor
Feeding Egos Of The Riches
Death Of Me Almost My Remedy
Of All My Grief And Stitches

Thou Gifts Me
Diseases, Cures
Weapons, Shields
Chemicals, Masks

You Send Me War
You Send Me Peace
Unholy Alliance
Track Name: O! Holocaust
O! Holocaust

O! Holocaust
I Bring Thee My Lambs Have Mercy
Become Light To The Dark
Like A Thousand Stars In The Night

What Man Has Made, Man Can Destroy
What Wind Has Brought, Wind Will Take Away

O! Holocaust
I Bring Thee My Lambs Have Mercy
Become Light To The Dark
Like A Thousand Stars In The Night
Track Name: Atomosphere

Bite Into My Rotting Flesh
Throw The Bone To The People
Control The Minds Of The Weak
And Power To The People

What's A Throne Without It's King?
What's A Life Without Freedom?
Set Me To Fly Rip My Wings
Show Me War I'll Teach You Freedom

Quit Progress, Rewind
Leave All Sense Behind
Logic Ill And Trashed
Right Is Wrong, Wrong Commands

Dig Into My Weary Heart
Torn And Chewed By Thy Deen
Darker Than The Sight Of The Blind
Dare To See What I Have Seen

Inhale The Atomoshpere
All Hale The Atomosphere
Track Name: Confess

Lost And Hopeless In The Span Of Days
Opened My Eyes In A Life Empty Of Rays
A Crop In The Desert Where It Never Rains
This Heinous Pain I'll Try To Put In Phrase

They're Wild Animals Lured By The
Biting Hearts Like Dogs Chewing A Bone
A Toast Of My Tears For The Martyred
For The Endless Screams I've Found No Tone

Cold And Wet Against The Tides
My Blinded Sight Fears The Light
My Feet Sour, Hands In Chains
Sentenced I Praise The New Day

Lost And Mazed Beneath The Sky
My Puzzled Mind Fears The Right
I Walk This Road Feet In Chains
Sentenced I Praise The New Day
Track Name: On The Brink Of Terror
On The Brink Of Terror

Fixed My Jaws So I Won't Talk
Fixed My Legs So I Won't Walk
Broken Throne, Thy Name Pale
Thou Promises Are Lustful Tails

Thou Reign Is Manifest
For All To See

I Will Not Fall
You Will Surely Fade
I Will Not Bow
You Will Surely Fade

Let My Soul Burn On The Pyre
Satisfy With All Your Desires
A Beast Feeds On The Flesh Of Me
Thousand Dreams Are Haunting Me

Thou Reign Is Manifest
For All To See
Track Name: State Of War
State of war

Suffocated, Soul Invaded
Decapitated, Hope Invalid
Curse The Nations And Their Actions
Damn The Natives And The Foreigns

Minds Of Terror, Acts Of Murder
Oath Of Heaven, Humanity Fades
Killing In The Name Of Father
Destroy Everything That's Holly

Brothers Slaying Brothers
In This State Of War
Father Blaming Fathers
In This State Of War

Lakes Of Oil, Dunes Of Corpses
Trees Of Dollars, Fuel The Fire
Why So Silent Holly Father
Behold What Ur's Has Become Now